Hello world!

Hello world!

K.N. Nguyen here! I’m so excited to meet everyone and I hope that you will follow us on our journey as we fulfill our dreams by creating worlds.

Things have been fairly busy for me. I have been editing the first book in my Fallen series, Upon Gilded Wings, and starting the second book in the series, Bonds Unbroken. I’m hoping to have the first of the Fallen completed by the end of the year.

It’s so unbelievable to me because this story has been a little over a decade in the making. As you can imagine, everything has been reworked over the years until the final version was born. The final version that I went with took me a little over a year to write. I must say that not only is it a huge personal milestone, but it’s morphed into a much bigger project and I cannot contain myself. Never would I have believed that my babies would grow into anything more than a single story. I am ecstatic.

For those of you in the Northern California area, I will be attending the Folsom Renaissance Faire with two of my fellow authors. We will be dressed as characters from my book. If you would like your picture taken with us, come and say hi. 🙂 You can find more information about the Ren Faire here.

Hope to see you there! 🙂


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