How King’s Blood was born

How King’s Blood was born

Greetings and good tidings, friends!

K.N. Nguyen here. With the upcoming release of King’s Blood, I thought that I would give a little background about this story.

King’s Blood is the first book of the Fallen series. Originally, it was to be a standalone novel called Wretched Gods, but as time went on, the name changed several times. The story was created back in 2002, and centered around a gremlin and a little boy. The boy was the “chosen one” and was supposed to bring peace to the land. As he traveled with the gremlin, they encountered several gods/monsters that proved to be too much for their party. At the same time, the magic system was based on blood stones that came from magi. Only a few characters survived the gutting of this original version. My anti-hero was less of an anti-hero and actually served as the antagonist. One of the gods in King’s Blood actually was a demon in Wretched Gods. Lastly, the main protagonist of my short story, Tears of Stone, was a character in Wretched Gods.

About five or six years later, the story changed to be more magic centric with a circle of magi who gave their lives to seal the ancient evil into the sky. The concept of a chosen person was still around, but version two was never fully fleshed out, so their arc was never realized.

It wasn’t until May 2015 that the current version of King’s Blood came to fruition. What started as a standalone story to test my writing chops, turned into an ever-expanding universe and at least four full-length novels (the remaining ones are in progress 🙂 ).

I’m so excited to see how much the universe is growing, and I hope that you all will join me in this journey.

Until next time! 🙂


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