M. Todd Gallowglas Collection

M. Todd Gallowglas Collection

An Imbalance of Shadows


“First Chosen is brisk and story-focused, driving from one event to the next with a pace that doesn’t flag and populating each scene with vivid characters in high (and sometimes comic) conflict.” – D.J.Butler, author of Witchy Eye and The Kidnap Plot

On her twenty-first birthday and in her moment of greatest need, Duchess Julianna Taraen frees Grandfather Shadow, an ancient god of vengeance, from his thousand-year prison. As repayment for his freedom, Grandfather Shadow names Julianna his high priest. The god does not care that she doesn’t believe in him, nor that it is illegal for any of Julianna’s people to worship one of the five greater gods – the punishment is not merely death, but also the destruction of her soul. Pursued by followers of the God of Death and Inquisitors of the Kingdom of the Sun, Julianna must come to terms with her new powers, evade her new enemies, and find a way to unite Grandfather Shadow’s fractured people.

Halloween Jack and the Devil’s Gate

https://mtoddgallowglas.com/halloween-jack/“Gallowglas infuses his book with the sensibilities of grand myths and fairytales, garnished with a slice of steampunk. Charming and \quick-moving, with twists aplenty, Halloween Jack and the Devil’s Gate is sure to satisfy any reader’s desire for excitement!” –Andrea Stewart, author of The Bone Shard DaughterAfter centuries of scheming and plotting, the Devil and his minions finally get the better of Jack o’ the Lantern, that mythic figure who created the Jack o’Lanterns which keep humanity safe on All Hallow’s Eve, the Darkest Night.With the dark creatures free to roam as they wish, Jack’s last three descendants – Boston-born Irishman John O’Brien, Moira O’Neil who knows the special ritual to close the Devil’s Gate, and Daniel McRory the inventor – must take up the mantle of Jack of the Lantern and create a new legend great enough, and terrible enough, to scare the Dark Lord and his dark legions back into their dark realm.

The 9/10 Memwar


“The 9/10 Memwar is a wise, bittersweet story about what it means to be human — and also a very funny D and D story. It’s delightful, funny, gory, and gloriously stupid in places, but the meditations on identity and autonomy made me cry.” – Anna Smith Spark, author of Empire of Dust“Told from the point of view of a lowly (goblin?), The 9/10 Memwar is a spectacularly epic and erudite exploration of language, learning, and individuality, all wrapped up in an excitingly unique brand of progression fantasy.” – Dyrk Ashton, author of PaternusImagine living as a small creature normally considered fodder in the forces of darkness. Now, imagine you wake up the morning after the great battle between gud and evil, lyght and darknezz. What’s more… nowyou haz strange wurdz bouncing round inside you’z hed. Wurdz that want to get out of you’z mynd… wurdz you kan suddenly wryte down… sort of. It getz so lonely inzyde you’z hed with out otherz of you’z trybe talkin in you’z mynd. Iz bezt to wryte down everything whut happenz to you when you go searchin for way bak to you’z trybe so you iz not lonely.

The Dragon Bone Flute

https://mtoddgallowglas.com/dragon-bone-tales/Elzibeth just wanted to be left alone to play the flute her grandfather gifted to her on his deathbed. However, three brothers in Elzibeth’s village seem to think she needs a lesson to bring her down from her fancies and to stand firmly on the ground like everyone else. These brothers take Elzibeth’s flute and challenge her to seek out the dragon’s cave, even though the last man who went there never returned. While no one has seen any sign of a dragon in decades, they still have the good sense not to go off stirring up old trouble. Elzibeth must risk stirring up old trouble or lose her music forever.This one challenge sparks of events that change Elzibeth’s life forever. She learns that fancy and wonder can be both wonderful and terrifying, that the magic of dragons is more than skin deep…and sometimes old trouble is not nearly as bad as new trouble.